A family affair


August 2013 marked a huge turning point for Samantha and her family...

I'd recently given birth to our second child, Molly, and was busy being mum at home to both her and our two-year-old son, Harry. During July that year, I'd made a huge decision to sell my business of three-and-a-half years. I'd been busy running a bridal boutique and absolutely loved what I did. However, once I'd had my little ones I was then having to pay full-time staff on top of all the other overheads, and there just wasn't enough left for me at the end of each month – yet I still had all the stress and responsibility.

As much as I loved being mum at home, I soon realised that I needed something more. Forever had been in my life for the previous eighteen years as my mum had built an amazing business during this time. Eleven years later, my sister also joined the business and has been a real inspiration. I've always seen how hard they have both worked to achieve a fabulous lifestyle and I really wanted to be part of that too. It still makes me giggle though, as my sister and I both swore we'd never join! I even banned any Forever conversation between them in my presence as it was all they seemed to talk about!

From making the decision that the time was right for me, my business flew pretty quickly. I had a sense of urgency as knew that I needed an extra £600 per month to replace my shop income. In three months I'd achieved this, had built an amazing team and made some wonderful friends. Six months later I made Manager position; I couldn't quite believe it! My income is more than I'd thought possible when I started and I've also achieved Earned Incentive thanks to an amazing and supportive team. It's amazing what happens when you set solid goals!

It's not always easy, and yes it is a balancing act, and sometimes you do need to give up a few other things in order to make the time to grow your business. 

I have some fabulous people in my team who I know aren't far behind me, and helping them is just so inspiring. We all make sure we are at every event, whether it be a Success Express, the Global Rally, or the BPs and trainings. This has been so important in helping to keep everyone motivated and excited. 

I’d like to say a huge thank you to my mum and my sister for not giving up on me and for being such fantastic role models. I see the wonderful lives they live, and being able to do the same for my family is my greatest achievement.

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