A degree above

Zoe and Chris

Zoe was in her final year at university when she discovered Forever…

Forever came into my life whilst I was at university studying the final year of my degree. It was a worrying time for me as I had no clarity on the future and what I wanted to do once I graduated. All I kept hearing in the news and from other people was that there were so many more people graduating and not enough jobs available. So, if I’m honest, I was petrified that I would feel stuck in something that would not fulfil me or give me the independence or financial security I was looking for. 

Although I had never heard of the company, its products or this type of business, I kept thinking, “What if it could be the route to a totally different future for me?” seeing that I had absolutely nothing to lose. I look back on my journey today and everything it has given me and it’s hard to put into words how truly grateful I am.

Starting my business was amazing. I thought having had very little experience in business it might be difficult for me, but I got so much support. I instantly loved that I was surrounded by such happy, positive individuals who were rooting for me to succeed. The personal development that Forever provides blew me away; I believe that in itself is a great reason to be involved with this company. It’s enabled me to grow and flourish to the point where I find myself today writing this as a totally different girl to the one who started my business.

It’s provided my life with so much more than I could have hoped for already. It allowed me to be my own boss at the age of twenty-two, once I finished university, which has given me so much freedom. The income that it’s provided me with has allowed me to spend precious time with my family and they are a big reason I do this. I have been able to treat them to things now, even just beautiful meals out which I could never do before. This is one of the things that drives me, as they have provided me with so much growing up, I always wanted to give back to them.

Together with my boyfriend Chris, we have been able to purchase our first beautiful home together, which would not have been possible without this remarkable business. It’s also given us the chance to travel and experience new places, as Forever has taken us on the most luxurious five-star holidays to Singapore, Cancun, Johannesburg and Dubai.

What’s really special though is the friendships I have made within my own team and the entire company - they are ones I will always cherish. I am passionate about making a difference and helping people, and I had no idea how this would be possible until I found Forever.