A call to action

David A

David was a call centre manager before he started his Forever journey in September 2013…

My background before Forever was in call centres and I’d been loyal to the same company for eight years. I worked my way up the ladder to reach call centre manager which is what I’d always wanted until I realised that, in reality, it was office politics, heavy workload and not enough hours in the working week. Something had to change to give me my life back, I didn't know what that was though as I had no experience other than in call centres. The company offered mass voluntary redundancy to everyone, so I jumped at the chance. It was confirmed I was leaving in December 2013 so I had to quickly find something else I could get passionate about, but definitely not a call centre!

Then just at the right time Forever found me. It was through a friend of a friend on Facebook who was recruiting. When I saw the marketing plan I literally jumped in with both feet and I knew I’d found my inner entrepreneur immediately. I moved very quickly up the marketing plan and my income kept growing too. After only eight short months in Forever I had earned more than three times my full-time call centre wage. Forever has given me the biggest gift in the world; I now have the flexibility of time. I decide who I work with and when I work, which instead of a sixty-hour week, is a twenty-five-hour week or less. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world with Forever, paid for by Forever. It has been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to show more people this incredible way of life. You never have to swap time for money, ever again. Thank you Forever!