The Perfect Fit


Charlotte is an Occupational Therapist by background and found Forever when she was 21 weeks pregnant with her second child…

I had the reality of maternity leave looming and whilst NHS maternity leave is very generous, I hated the thought of having a limited amount of time with my new baby and his three-year-old sister before returning to full time work. I was excited at the prospect of a flexible earning opportunity to enable me to reduce hours and be more present at home.

I am extremely grateful for Forever, I achieved Supervisor in my first three months and was excited for the income this brought. When my son arrived, I was able to do as much or as little as a newborn allowed. I returned to work after 11 months off to part time hours thanks to the extra I was earning through Forever. More than six years into my journey, I am now a manager earning a stable income which allows me a perfect work/life balance.

In November 2016 my world changed forever as my husband suffered a mental health crisis. Unfortunately, he made a severe attempt on his life and was in intensive care for two weeks, fighting for his life and in hospital for a further four months after this. During this difficult time, Forever was STILL there for us. I was never demoted or had my pay cut, there was no pressure to perform or hit targets and I knew I could pick it up when I was ready again. With two young children I had a focus. With the community I had built in the previous 18 months, I still had a regular income and when the time came to treat the hospital staff on their long shifts in ITU - I was able to deliver them Forever energy drinks and lip balms as a thank you!

Forever has been integral in my growth of confidence and self-belief. As a result, it’s allowed me to reach many new people over the years. I use my social media platform to raise the profile of mental well-being and the importance of sharing mental health issues. Through the people I’ve met and conversations we’ve had, we are in the early stages of starting our own charity for families of those with mental health conditions - enabling those going through crisis to cope at a really difficult time. Forever has allowed me the time to devote to helping other people both through our products, the business opportunity and in the future with my charity work. I love my work in the NHS and it compliments my Forever journey and charity work so well - I really have the perfect fit.

My journey has been full of ups and downs, but I have not missed my 4cc in six years. I have worked hard to create a business of regular customers and a small team that I work closely with. It’s not huge numbers but it works for us and brings in enough money each month to enable me to work part time as well as to work on my goals of charity work for a cause close to my heart.

My husband fought tooth and nail to become well again for our family and I’m pleased to report he’s had several years of wellness and prosperity! His determination to succeed and his commitment to the cause is a lesson to us all that nothing is impossible if you work hard and have the right support around you. He has always been so supportive and encouraging of my Forever journey and he himself is so grateful for the flexibility and income it’s afforded us.

Thank you Forever for always being there, never giving up on me and for showing me no matter how big or small the goal - it’s achievable!

**The achievements expressed in this testimonial are the individual’s personal opinion and subjective experience. Individual results may vary. Forever makes no guarantees on income or success. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill, and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities. Please see Forever’s Income Disclosure Statement at for more information.**