Take back your future

Mick and Marise

Mick and Marise are an extremely dedicated couple who have given a lot to their children and local community. They’ve worked hard and have juggled a chaotic lifestyle, but in September 2013 they realised it was time to slow down and think about their own future...

We have now been running our Forever business for just over two years, but prior to that our life was hectic! We have three children, now twenty, fifteen and eleven, and we are devoted parents. I ran my own CCTV installation business for twenty years, and my wife was a lunchtime assistant (a good old dinner lady!) at our local school. My wife and I are actually fully qualified sport coaches and we coached about 100 primary school children a week, plus I also ran fitness boot camps and acted as a football referee. Life was busy, but we were short of two valuable things: time and money. Despite all we were doing, we were simply surviving and ignoring tomorrow. We had an interest only mortgage and little pension provision, and it was time to do something about it! Our friend, Helen, had shown us the Forever opportunity five years earlier, but at the time we only half-looked and half-listened. This time it was different. We soon realised the potential rewards for such a tiny investment were enormous, and the business was simple to understand – we didn’t need a degree to work on it! So we set about changing our future… Marise was able to leave her poorly paid job and I closed my CCTV business down in March 2015; I also walked away from the mental torture of being a referee! Forever has given us the freedom to choose to do what we want. We continue with our passion of coaching children and running boot camps, but our main business is now Forever – and we love everything about it! Becoming Managers has meant a lot and proves that, with hard work and focus, you really can be in charge of your future.