Setting Clear Goals

Steph B

Steph joined Forever in 2013…

I had been working in medical recruitment having initially worked as a medical rep. The hours were long, on falling pregnant aged 39 I knew that I was not prepared to go back to the schedule that my work would require. I wanted and needed a fulltime income but desperately wanted to be a full-time mum.

Having taken the plunge I committed to learn the skills necessary to become successful and, as a busy mum, I have built a life which hasn’t needed wrap around childcare. I’ve been able to take my son to school, have been there for all the ‘firsts’, and had the freedom and flexibility to decide when and how I work fitting that around my son George now nearly 9, rather than the other way around. I can’t put a price on this autonomy to be honest, it has been, and continues to be an amazing benefit that I am constantly thankful for.

Like any line of work, the day to day has its ups and downs; you are dealing with people, team members and customers and sometimes people are unpredictable; they change their minds and occasionally let you down. I would say this is true of any business endeavour or in fact any job. I have learned to accept that this is just part of life, it’s never going to be a completely smooth journey.

The unexpected benefit along the way has been how much I have grown over the past 9 years. It’s amazing how a positive culture can inspire you as an individual. I’ve grown enormously in confidence, become comfortable presenting, helped to run training programmes and developed personal discipline in terms of goal setting.  Over the years I have also gained a huge understanding that the many things I have achieved in my business have come when I have applied consistent activity and those times when I have not achieved what I set out to achieve, have always been when I have taken my focus off my vision, goals and actions. I have learned the hard way on a few occasions.  Like anything in life, you get out what you put in and it is all within our control.

Now as we are seeing some return to normal working life following the pandemic, I have found that people are far more open to conversations about starting their own business with us. Many have had a taste and enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of working from home; being able to take the dog for a walk in the morning before work, go to the gym at lunchtime, or pick up their kids; not having to commute and being able to organise their own work schedules. It’s something that many are reluctant to give up as there is an increasing call to get back into the office. 

I am finding people are also really feeling the financial squeeze, as we see rising costs and inflation levels not seen for 30 years; people are open to exploring ways to expand the household budget and disposable incomes.

I’ve set some ambitious goals for 2022, I’ve always been motivated by the company’s travel incentives and with Bali on the list for 2023, I am excited for what I can achieve the next couple of years. I have also set some family goals with my little boy and this drives me more than anything, as I don't want to let him down, not only to help him do some of the things he really wants to do, but also I am determined to teach and show him that if you set a goal and focus on it and work for it, you can achieve anything you want to achieve.  

This industry and business really can work for anyone if they decide they want this to work for them, set clear goals so they stay focused, keep going even when it gets hard, and have a strong enough reason to succeed. For anyone who is unsure I’d say, do your research, talk to successful people in the business and let them share with you all the information you need, don’t just listen to hearsay and outdated third party opinion; decide for yourself. You may be surprised.

**The achievements expressed in this testimonial are the individual’s personal opinion and subjective experience. Individual results may vary. Forever makes no guarantees on income or success. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill, and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities. Please see Forever’s Income Disclosure Statement at for more information.**