Our dream became a goal

Kelly and David

Life can be unpredictable, unwelcome challenges can often be thrown our way, but it’s often how we choose to handle these situations that will then shape our future...

When we first started Forever in March 2013, our plan was to buy a holiday home in the South of France. We had this set for August and Forever was going to help pay off our outstanding debt in order to get us there. However, unfortunately our situation changed when my dad was diagnosed with cancer in the June. Then, in July, I went for an early pregnancy scan which detected a sizeable tumor, and suddenly our South of France dream was going to have to stay exactly that; a dream.

Since signing up I had worked the business well and I hit Assistant Manager within three months. My sales were good and the money was welcomed from the team-leading bonuses, but these unfortunate circumstances sent me into a downward spiral; my focus shifted from the team to self-pity. The flights that were booked for our move turned into a holiday and once home I returned to work – a forty-hour week for no more than minimum wage! I was heavily pregnant, maternity leave was looming and we had no savings.

A short while later I found myself watching Louise tell her story at a Success Express event. As I listened I was an emotional wreck, but it hit home: if there is anything that will support my family should anything happen, it is Forever. I reconnected with my upline, Jaime, and we set out a plan. I worked the business religiously knowing that whatever I put in I would get back tenfold. Fast forward twelve months and my health is good, our business has gone from strength to strength and, by working with the support of the team and by helping them achieve their goals, I progressed up the Marketing Plan and achieved several incentives along the way.

What this business has offered us is life-changing and being able to share it with friends is an amazing feeling. Now we live in confidence, knowing that the South of France is no longer a dream – it’s a goal; a goal that we are back on track to achieve.