Eliminate that anxiety


For the past nine years I have been working as a qualified PE teacher, and so when I first learnt about Forever I didn’t see the opportunity as more than a means of extra income. However, after about two months – once I’d carried out some heavy research and retailing – I found myself hooked.

I quickly fell in love with the company when I saw how my business, and my wonderful uplines, could flourish. I too then started to recruit others and I loved sharing the opportunity. I now have an amazing team that consists of both existing and new friends, and I am so grateful for how they are all helping me with my journey.

Forever came along at the right time as I’d been unhappy teaching for a while. Although I adored being with the children, a few years ago the stress of the job caused me to fall ill. I was experiencing severe facial pain and was prescribed heavy medication, but there was never really a clear diagnosis – this only caused further anxiety.

Within weeks of starting Forever my symptoms had subsided, and I’m certain this was due to the positive environment (and perhaps the Forever Aloe Vera Gel) that my Forever family had introduced. At that point my enthusiasm for my business grew ten-fold, and in February I decided to request voluntary redundancy at school – it was approved.

Due to consistent recruiting and retailing, I achieved Manager, but I also ensured I trained my team to enjoy their own journeys. I am so excited for the future; I love all the friends I have made on my short journey so far, and I am thankful for their support. My family and friends have also been supportive and encouraged me throughout. I really cannot wait for September when I can finally focus on Forever full-time.