The Beauty in Freedom

Charlene B

Charlene has been with Forever for just over two years…

Before my journey began I was a single mum to my now fifteen-year-old daughter, and owner of a salon which has been successful for over fifteen years. Although I love my salon and the relationships with my committed clients, I had decided that I was looking for a new adventure as I knew there was more for me in the world. I decided to expand my business portfolio and open an ice cream parlour local to my salon. This new adventure was an immediate success but running two businesses whilst maintaining my clients’ relationships was somewhat challenging. I felt I had no quality time with my family; I struggled to get that work-life balance. I was working over seventy hours a week and found myself frustrated that no one around me seemed to share my ambitious work ethic. I needed more control of my life.

I was first introduced to Forever Living by my friend of fifteen years who begged me to go to her launch party. I was sceptical of her enthusiasm but as her friend I went to support her, just as she had done for me over the years. At her party, I was lucky enough to win a C9 in the raffle. I started the programme the following day and was blown away by how energised I felt, by what the products did for my skin, body, state of mind and confidence. My clients begged me to tell them what secret product I was using to explain the glow in my skin and spring in my step. I couldn’t wait to tell them about the C9 and the products that my friend had shared with me. Curious, I attended the next Business Presentation and quickly saw that if I used the entrepreneur in me, I could make a massive success of the opportunity. I joined right there and then.

With a before-and-after photo of my results, and sharing the products with friends, family and clients, I shot through the marketing plan. Within twenty days I achieved my first promotion to Supervisor, three weeks later I became an Assistant Manager, and only another four weeks later I had reached the pivotal position of Manager. With a big network, soaring retail sales, and the development of my team, I then qualified for Eagle Manager in April 2017.

What Forever has done for me is worth more than anything I ever achieved in the fifteen years prior.  I was able to sell my ice cream parlour, I was able to work less hours in the salon and I started to make friendships all over the world while growing an amazing and supportive team of my own.  As a young mum, my dream was to travel and explore new cultures and experiences, but putting my daughter first meant that these opportunities were slowly passing me by. In only two years, I am now living this dream travelling around the UK and to beautiful destinations around the globe including Greece, Las Vegas, Dubai, Barcelona, Nice, Monte Carlo and Rome. Not only did I get to see these amazing places, but I got to meet and hear the inspiring stories and advice of Richard Branson and Tony Robbins, and my peers and friends in Forever. I have recently returned from a five-star cruise where we experienced the luxury and hospitality of Forever in an all-inclusive suite with a balcony overlooking the freedom of the sea, leadership training and champagne-fuelled celebrations.  

As a young, blonde beautician, I often faced being stereotyped and assumptions that I had reached the limits of my capabilities. Now I feel that I have proven people wrong by showing that I am about more than just making others feel pampered, that I use entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills and product knowledge every day to be where I am.  Forever Living has given me so much more than a job and financial security with a career that complements my beauty business and gives me the freedom to spend quality time with my family. I have kept my beauty salon due to the partnership opportunities this has, with so many of my beauty clients being introduced to the products during treatments, and Forever clients visiting my salon. 

Today, I am planning my next steps in the business, and enjoying mentoring and developing others to do the same. I am a positive role model for my daughter; she has seen first-hand how my hard work, positivity and self-belief allowed me to be successful. The marketing plan is there for everyone, you just have to decide how much you want to achieve with it. I have decided to go for every incentive and opportunity the marketing plan has to offer - and I am so excited for the future.  This beautiful freedom is just the beginning!