Step up as a leader


Sapphire Manager Lisa could see the potential of the Marketing Plan, but she also knew that she would have to work hard and step up as a leader in order to move her business forward...

How did you get involved with Forever?

My journey started in December 2013 when I was a detective for Greater Manchester Police and thirty-one weeks pregnant with my second child. I joined the police at eighteen and, at the time, I could never imagine doing anything else – I certainly wasn't looking for anything new. However, when I was shown the Forever opportunity I saw a way of boosting my maternity pay, which meant I wouldn’t have to rush back to work and worry about paying for childcare.

How did you approach the Marketing Plan?

When I saw what Forever had to offer I wanted it all, and I knew that I was prepared to work hard for it. I’d never thought that being a stay-at-home mum was a possibility as I just couldn’t afford it. When I started my business I just got my head down and worked the cycle with a massive sense of urgency. It was my goal to hit Manager before my baby arrived – and I did.

For me, Manager was just the start, and it was about creating a stable income for my family. I did not slow down but continued working my business every single day; the results showed and I achieved Senior Manager in less than twelve months and Soaring Manager in fifteen – my mum was my fifth Manager which was really special. Sapphire Manager was my first huge goal, not only because of the GEM bonus, but because I now feel that my business is stable. My journey to Sapphire took nineteen months overall but it came at a busy time in my life: I gave birth to my son, Stanley, I was already mummy to my five year old, princess Evie, as well as being step mum to my teenagers George and Emily. On top of all this my husband worked a varied and unsocial full-time shift pattern in the police.

What did you put in place to enable you to achieve these promotions?

I knew that I wanted to build my business quickly and that I would have to step up as a leader, and I have always tried to support everyone in my team no matter where they are in the country. Part of the initial growth was because I implemented home Business Presentations; this meant I could support the team in the very early stages, when they were still learning how to share the opportunity. This grew at a rapid rate so we quickly ran out of room and I now run a very successful Business Presentation in Manchester; this has massively impacted the growth across the team.

What is the best thing about being a Forever Business Owner?

I love that this business is for everyone. The model definitely works and I literally tell everyone about what I do because I want to help people achieve more than what I have. I have made some life-long friends and love being surrounded by like-minded people who want to create a better future for their families. I am no different to anyone else; my success is down to sheer determination as I wanted to make a huge difference to my family, I have never made excuses and I want to make sure my children can look back in years to come and be proud of what mummy has created.

Social media, in particular Facebook, has played a massive part in the growth of my business. It has allowed me to make new and everlasting friendships, whilst enabling me to reconnect with friends and colleagues from yesteryear. I have enjoyed working with the team that I have built and I have created a sense of togetherness and belonging; everybody is willing to help out when needed and this is an ethos I was not used to in my previous career.

I don’t feel that I have even really started with my achievements yet – this is only just the start of my journey. My aim now is all about helping and developing others and watching my friends create the life of their dreams.