Out of your comfort zone

Lauren F

Lauren worked three jobs alongside running her sports rehabilitation centre. She was overworked and stressed so decided to make a changeā€¦

My journey began on 9th January 2014. At the time, I was overworked, stressed and had limited family time. Straight out of university, I knew I wanted to be my own boss so I set up a sports rehabilitation centre. What I didn’t realise was that the amount of overheads and the initial layout would leave me with a lot of debt. I worked at my sports clinic from 9am-6.30pm but the lack of income left after paying the bills meant I needed three other jobs outside of this. Every morning I would be up first thing with personal training clients, most evenings, I would be teaching fitness classes and at the weekend I worked twelve-hour shifts in an office. To say I was running myself into the ground is an understatement.

I looked at this opportunity simply out of curiosity and thought the sports and mobility line would work perfectly in the clinic, but what I saw was everything that I craved. To be my own boss, to have flexible working hours, a team of people to share the journey with and a better work/ life balance. I thought it was madness taking something else on when I already worked so much but I was determined to find the time to do this otherwise nothing was going to change and I would be overworked and stressed forever. Sometimes you have to do something out of your comfort zone to make a change of direction in life. I didn’t want to be someone who just put up with the stress and low income when there are so many opportunities around - I wanted to be the person who was brave enough to take a leap of faith.

It did get harder before it got better as I was working even more, but within five short months I left all my other part-time jobs, as Forever now supplemented that income, and within another four weeks I decided to sell my business. I thought hard about the pros – less stress, better income potential, a team support unit, company incentives, low investment and risk, a residual income and a product brand I loved. There were also cons, including stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown and learning a new industry, but with the level of training that’s provided, these fears soon faded. After weighing up the options of a Forever business vs my conventional business, it was obvious to me so my decision was easy in the end.

Working Forever full time has now allowed me to lead a life I never thought possible. I’m debt-free, have the home of my dreams and, more importantly, time on my hands. The time I now have to make incredible memories with my nearest and dearest is just priceless. My partner Dean and I will soon be looking to start a family and I feel I’m in the best position possible to do so. I’m financially stable and have time, free to be there every step of the way with no worries. To think in the short period I’ve been running my business, I’ve travelled the world for free with my partner and all our friends. We’ve been to Mexico, Johannesburg, Greece and Dubai so far - with two new destinations each year to look forward to.  We also now own a holiday home in Lake Windermere which is our favourite place to be. Weekends are so precious to us now as for so long I never got to enjoy them. We do lots of walking and the best thing is there’s no phone signal so its 100% quality family time!

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