Positivity and Integrity


Kyra was working as a Deputy Director at a Women’s and Children’s Charity…

I had worked in this career to a high position after twenty years of investment and study when I was introduced to the opportunity. My job role took up fifty-to-sixty hours a week and by the time I got home to my beautiful daughters and husband I was exhausted.

I was passionate about the work I did and wasn’t looking for another option, but I knew my life wasn’t in balance and the mounting debts we had indicated that the job wasn’t financially or emotionally meeting our family’s needs.

With great trepidation I took a look at the business and saw a way of earning an additional £300 that could ease the pressure. I took a chance and got started in August 2015.

What happened next still feels surreal; I was able to get the financial return on my investment of starting the business within ten days and by the end of the month I could see the profit in my purse.

As a family we began to breathe. Working in the pockets of time around my demanding job I was able to build my business from home and within six months matched my corporate income. Ten months later I had cleared any debt we had. I was in a position to leave my job, be a mum at home and have an income where we didn’t have to reduce our family requirements.

Almost four years on, I am still a mum working from home. I am there for my children every day, I never miss an Irish dance competition, a school event, or have to leave them when they are unwell.

I have the privilege to work in the leadership team in Ireland, but my business now spans the globe. World travel is part of my year as Forever provides incredible opportunities to those who work hard in their businesses. My family and I were gifted with a Mediterranean cruise, my husband joined me on a trip to America and I have travelled to the Middle East, Europe and the USA numerous times as a thank you from the company.

The positivity and the integrity of this business is refreshing. I have made lifelong friends and supported others to bring another income stream into their homes. It offers you an opportunity to create a life that you deserve. I am thankful every day for the TIME it has given me for my family. I am Forever Proud.