Living the life

James and Michelle

Forever walked into the lives of Michelle and James at a time when they needed it the most. They may not have known it at the time, but now they lead a very different and utterly incredible lifestyle thanks to Forever. Michelle shares their story...

We had been running a promotions business for a few years that operated out of night clubs across the UK; our income was very good and gave us the things that most people strive for – the house, the car, a couple of holidays every year – but we both felt like something was missing and none of those things made us truly happy.

We had dreams of seeing the world and having more freedom, but in reality, despite the income, what we were doing would never give us what we craved – after all, we had to work or we wouldn't get paid! I was always on the lookout for something that would make us happier and more fulfilled, but I knew I didn't want to go back to working for someone else. After seven years in the corporate world I knew all too well that the sacrifices you have to make to be successful in that environment are not worth the end result.

One day, as I was scrolling through Facebook feeling sorry for myself, I noticed a status update from my neighbour. It said she was looking for people with leadership qualities who wanted to earn extra money working from home. Initially I thought it might be a way for me to earn a bit on the side and have something new and exciting to focus on, but after watching the Business Presentation I was bubbling with excitement; I knew straight away that I had my hands on something that was going to change everything – and that’s when I started to dream again. 

James thought I was bonkers and had no faith in the business; that was actually the reaction I got from most people, but I was determined to prove everyone wrong. At the time I was working over sixty hours a week so I had to plan my time carefully. I took the plug out of the TV, put every plan on hold, and I told my family to buy a ticket to Success Express because I knew I would be on stage for Manager. I spoke to everyone I knew about the business and if they said no I asked them to try the products and dropped a PUPP basket off. I used the First Steps to Manager manual like it was my business bible, and I taught my team to do the same. All of this enabled me to achieve Manager and, as predicted, I was up on stage at the next Success Express with all of my family watching. 

After this James decided to join me and we now run our business together; we just do exactly what I did to get to Manager over and over again, and we do this while travelling the world with complete peace of mind. We live in the Canary Islands for most of the year because the sun and sea make us happy, and you can build the business from anywhere as long as there are people to share it with and a WIFI connection. We truly feel as if we have achieved the definition of freedom. 

Rex built this business with people in mind and a vision to make lives better, and we are grateful to him for giving us the opportunity to live our dream. We repay him by building our business from the heart and ensuring people remain our main motivation, and achieving Soaring Manager really means that we have begun the process of changing lives. We look forward to many years of helping other people to reach their full potential so that they may live a life that makes them as happy as we are now.