Life is a Rollercoaster


Victoria’s journey with forever continues to be a huge exciting, rollercoaster…

When I first joined Forever, I thought I would be able to operate it through a beauty blog I had and almost be ‘faceless’ to it. The first few weeks I read and watched as many of the trainings as I could. This quickly gave me a realisation that I wouldn’t have a successful business being faceless. By the end of that first month I majorly stepped out of my comfort zone to become the face of my business.

As a manager within an HR department I was a little fearful over how people might react to my new business. I was SO relieved to actually experience positivity and excitement - so many work friends came to my launch! I hadn’t needed to be scared at all. The negative comments I did get made no impact as I was just so engrossed in getting into a rhythm with business, that I had no time to care about negativity.

After a series of launches and a huge burst of energy, I hit the supervisor position and truly felt like I was capable of reaching further promotions. I remember a training event focusing us on Eagle Manager and seeing the reward was a 5* trip to Cancun at the Moon Palace, I was determined to achieve it. Working towards that was fast, tough, exciting and rewarding. I will never forget that Christmas Eve when I hit the incentive. The best Christmas present ever.

Behind the fast pace of my business at the beginning was a vision to create space in my life to have children. I knew that I would need IVF but what I didn’t want was to have to talk to anyone about it, least of all my boss. I didn’t want to be putting in time off requests and I wanted to limit the impact stress would have on me. On my one-year anniversary with Forever I left my job and hit the Senior Manager position.

Success kept coming, I felt unstoppable at one point and was so happy to be coaching and leading teams of amazing women and men who wanted to achieve for themselves. I haven’t been a perfect leader, I have been a learning leader, learning from my mistakes, growing and adapting and also letting go when I have needed to.

By the time I had my daughter Ivy, I was a two-time Global Rally qualifier, a two-time Chairman’s Bonus achiever and two-time Eagle Manager. I was insanely proud of that, but most of all I was proud of my team for being self-starters, self-motivated and determined to enable me to be fulfilled as a new mother. I was able take time off and, on my return, dramatically reduce my working hours with my team. This did mean a drop in income, like anyone reducing their hours would expect. At first this was uncomfortable until I reached a new level of stability in my business.

My desire to achieve goals didn’t disappear and when I realised my volume was close to achieving Global Rally, I increased my working hours so that I didn’t miss out. I also kept focus on my New Zealand team to see them make history as the first Manager business over there. I feel so grateful for my experiences and I know that my connection with Forever will be lifelong. This is the only business I know of where you adapt your work around your needs, ramping up and quieting down when you need it. What I have massively appreciated in the last two years is the global scope of my business and what it has taught me in terms of being more efficient and focused. The way I run my overseas business is different to how I have run my UK one, and I am excited about the change in my UK business to align these. It’s going to take time, but I am in no rush!