In the pink


At just 23 years old, Uzma 'Pinks' has achieved the impressive feat of reaching Soaring Manager. We catch up with her to talk networking, friendship and ambition...

How did you find out about Forever?

I came across Forever while I was at work. I used to work in a mobile phone shop as a sales assistant and I was asked by a customer who I’d served to take a look at her business.

What convinced you it was worth signing up?

I was simply blown away by what this company has to offer – it was my dream job. I am a strong believer in making things happen yourself. You will never know where life will take you unless you are willing to jump in and take any opportunity that comes your way. So I signed up on the spot straight after my one-to-one.

You’ve achieved phenomenal growth in your business – and you’re only 23. Have you always been an ambitious person?

Yes, I have always had big dreams. I used to watch The Apprentice and always knew I wanted to be someone who earned a six-figure income, have a flash car and a big house. And I always had a goal of retiring by the age of 30. However, before Forever, these were just pipe dreams – I had no vehicle to make it happen. I remember being told that five years of work in Forever can change your life for good. I have always worked hard, but Forever really rewards its FBOs in amazing ways for their hard work. The growth in my business from 800CC in 2013, to 2,600CC in 2014 was just mind blowing.

You’ve spoken in the past about donating your Chairman’s Bonus to good causes in memory of your niece. Could you tell me a bit more about this?

I lost my niece in 2010 to an incurable liver condition. We had the best care for her; however, it just didn't seem enough. I have always been taught by my dad to give back because life is all about what we give, not what we get. A luxury life is amazing, but it’s a million times better when you can help others. My goal is to hit Chairman’s Bonus every year and give it away to the homeless and people in need. The ultimate goal is to open a non-profit medical centre and food shelter to help those in need.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in building your business and how did you overcome this hurdle?

Challenges have come one after the other in my personal and business life. I have sometimes struggled with understanding that Forever is my own journey and that I should never compare myself to others. Think of it like driving a car: if you are on the motorway in the middle lane, but keep looking left, right and behind, you will crash. So put your blinkers on and keep going. It’s the same in this business; only look back to see how far you have come.

The friends you’ve made in Forever seem to be very important to you. Is being able to make friends the secret to building a successful business do you think?

My Forever family are my world! Forever is network marketing, so networking inside of Forever is just as important as networking outside of Forever. It has played a huge part in my business. When I was a Supervisor, I was put into a Facebook group with seven other business owners, me being number eight. It was called ‘Motivated Chicks’ and we spoke every day, discussing the good and bad, keeping each other motivated – and we became an amazing bunch of friends. Six of us of us went on to become Managers and we have achieved every incentive between us. I highly recommend buddying up – make friends and let others believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. There’s no doubt about it, my Forever family are my rock.

Team spirit is something that you have cultivated well in your group, Team Pinks. What do you look for when recruiting new team members?

Yes, team spirit is super important to me. When recruiting a new person I simply look for someone who is willing to be coached so I can help them achieve their own goals.

What’s on the list of goals for Team Pinks in the coming months?

My main focus is to create as many Manager and Chairman’s Bonus qualifiers as I can within Team Pinks, because if you help enough other people get what they want, what you want will come too.