Goodbye corporate world


Debbie has been a Forever Business Owner since 2010, working extremely hard to develop her business and change mind-sets. In July 2015, Debbie was promoted to Soaring Manager. Our Editor, Kate, interviewed Debbie to find out more...

What was your life like before Forever?

My background was in the corporate world. For over ten years I worked in the oil and gas industry as an IT trainer. This meant long hours and I was out of the country for at least a week every month. I was the mum who dropped her children off at breakfast club and picked them up after the after-school clubs – they were always the last kids left.

We also rarely went on holidays, and I would use my annual leave up throughout the summer to look after my two boys, Kai and Jaden. We couldn’t afford a six-week summer filled with school clubs, and no matter how hard we worked we never seemed to have enough money to last past the middle of this summer period. Instead we’d end up paying for activities on credit cards and we accumulated a lot of debt.

How and why did you get involved in Forever?

In October 2010 we managed to get our eldest son, Kai, into private school (my mother-in-law was paying half the fees for the first year), but we had to find a way to pay the ongoing fees. I found Forever through a chance post on Facebook. Ange was saying how she had started a new venture and I was inquisitive. To say it was all a whirlwind was an understatement, but I knew I loved Forever and the products from day one. My husband, Martin, couldn’t see how a business like this could work; he didn’t think I had time to waste on it, but I wanted to prove I could do it. Then, nine months later, Martin was made redundant. However, there was no way I was going to take my son out of school so I worked hard, my business took off and I achieved Manager just three months later.

Have you any key business tips that worked for you?

People would mock me for doing network marketing, but I am quite stubborn, and their attitude only drove me even more. It is definitely important to stay true to yourself as your message to friends and family will be more genuine; eventually they’ll see the bigger picture and that you’re there to help them with the most amazing opportunity.

It is also essential that you work on your mindset; it’s the MOST incredible tool you need for your business. That “I can” and “I will” attitude will help you succeed, but remember it takes time – Rome wasn’t built in a day!

What tactics do you use when trying to recruit someone?

I don’t see them as tactics; it’s more about making life-long friendships. The business partners you’re looking for tend to become your best friends. Start those initial conversations and once they trust you and know you are coming from a place of contribution they will have an open mind to hear your message. Also, never give up on people when they say no. I have people joining my business years after that original conversation. When the time is right, they will blow you away with their drive and determination to succeed; you’ll soon find yourself watching them on up on stage after they’ve been promoted – this is an amazing feeling.

What impact has Forever had on your life?

We have been able to say yes to school trips and travel with the boys; they are now both very happy at their school and thrive in the smaller class sizes. We were also able to move into a much bigger property.

Thank you to Rex and the Maughan family for helping make our dreams come true and thank you to my awesome team for being the very best people I could wish to work with.