Forever helped me find myself

Nicola B

Nicki developed obstetric cholestasis when pregnant with her son, and since his birth she has been diagnosed with severe ME and fibromyalgia. These multiple conditions have caused Nicki to be confined to a wheelchair, but she doesn’t let her illness prevent her from pursuing her business and making a difference in the lives of others.

Forever’s Editor, Kate Hodge, met up with Nicki to find out more about her Forever journey…

KH: What was life like before Forever?

NB: I’m a mum to four children – the eldest is 22 and the youngest, who’s 14, is autistic. We’ve also a daughter with mild cerebral palsy and loads of animals (fourteen cats, seven rats and eight dogs).

Before Forever life was hectic, but with my health the way it is, it had also become very samey and I felt lost. I had lost my sense of identity. Before I fell ill I worked a full working week in retail management – that’s how I met my husband Adam. We used to go into newsagents that were in trouble and turn them around. I absolutely loved it.

I’d finish work, come home and clean the house, make sure the kids had clean uniforms (all the things that mums are supposed to do), but I went from that to being virtually bed-bound. I wouldn’t say life was bleak – I’m grateful for what I have: four beautiful children, a really supportive husband, our own house and food – but inwardly I felt very low.

KH: How did you discover Forever?

NB: I absolutely adore animals. As well as our cats, dogs and rats, I’ve fostered everything from birds, hedgehogs and ferrets, and I have a diploma in animal healthcare. I am really passionate about animal nutrition and I like to keep everything as natural as possible. I’d been giving various supplements to my animals but I wasn’t getting the results I desired, that was until I tried Forever Aloe Vera Gel.

KH: Why did the business opportunity appeal to you?

NB: My neighbour introduced me to the products but when the business was first put to me I shrugged it off; I didn’t think someone like me could do it. But I could see that the business was helping people and that appealed. The amount of emails I now get that say something along the lines of, “Thank you so much for this product – it was amazing” is unbelievable, and it’s such a good feeling to know that I have helped them and made a difference. Knowing I’ve impacted someone’s life makes my job worthwhile; you don’t get that kind of thanks in traditional retail!

KH: What has it enabled you to achieve?

NB: The biggest thing is that it’s enabled me to find myself. I cease to be Nicki stuck in bed and I’ve become Nicki who can be a fairly normal, functioning member of society! It’s also given us a bit more financial freedom which was incredibly important to us. Adam is my full-time carer so he’s at home with me all the time. It’s not in my nature not to work so I needed to find something that would work for me.

How does it feel to have achieved Supervisor?

NB: I can’t put it into words. I never thought the business would lead here. I just thought I’d retail a little bit and benefit from the discount; I never expected to get hooked. My team are out of this world, they really are amazing, and once I got into the team side of things my business started to take off. It was hard work, but it was so worth it and for the first time in a long time I was proud of myself. Getting to Supervisor was just mind-blowing. My team may be small but they do a lot, they listen and they work their socks off. I wouldn’t be without them, my downline or my crossline, as they really do make a real difference.