Forever delivers dreams


I was introduced to the business by my cousin Verity, and although my qualifications are in pharmaceuticals, I was on maternity leave and worked at an insurance call centre when Verity approached me. The call centre had already suggested I work horrendous hours upon my return, and although I didn't want to do it, I knew I’d have to. Lee, my partner (now husband), was a self-employed electrician and money was tight!

When Verity came to my house to tell me about the Forever opportunity I signed up the next day. At first my intention was to simply retail the products and earn a bit extra, but in time I saw fully what the opportunity had to offer and so I decided to work on building a team as well. I managed to recruit my first team member in just three days and I hit my first promotion after six weeks.

I handed my notice in at the call centre two months before I was due to go back and since then my Forever business has excelled. I am now a Senior Manager and the company has rewarded my hard work with global travel and incredible bonuses. I can’t believe how much I managed to achieved in my first year of business as initially I thought it would take me three-to-five years! I have also developed some amazing friendships and I am best friends and inseparable with some of the girls in my team. This business has given me so much in the way of money, holidays and personal self-development, but the friendships I've made are priceless.

Lee and I never considered marriage before as there was no way we could afford it, but since Forever our circumstances have changed and I’m proud to say that we were able to have our wedding day on 7th May 2016. We didn’t have to cut back on anything and we got married in the Algarve with sixty of our friends and family. We were also able to hire a nine-bed villa for our family to stay in the week prior to the wedding, and we had a party back home for those who couldn't come abroad. None of this would have happened without Forever and Rex’s vision, and for that we are eternally grateful. 

Lee and I now live in our dream home – a large converted chapel in the countryside, I drive an Audi A5 and Lee drives a Range Rover. This is a far cry from the car we shared before! Lee has also been able to start his own business (an electrical company) and he now has people working for him. We are currently also expecting a baby girl – due March 2017 – and we are so excited to complete our family. Forever has given us so much flexibility and so we’ve no need to get expensive childcare; instead we will be able to spend loads of time together as a family.