Food for thought

Louise B

Louise lives in Warwickshire with her fiancé Phil and their daughter Molly. She joined Forever in the summer of 2013 and is currently a Soaring Manager.

Prior to Forever I’d worked for over fifteen years in restaurant management. I had run many restaurants and I also owned my own restaurant in Mallorca for a few years. I then came back to the UK and I was General Manager at a restaurant owned by the Michelin star chef Raymond Blanc, which was very exciting. Needless to say I was used to working long hours, evenings and weekends, and even when I was eight months pregnant I was still doing fifteen-hour shifts in my pub in London!

Alongside the pub I also had a business with 150 promotions girls working in nightclubs which kept me up until 3am most nights of the week. I was always on the look-out for something with a better work-life balance, especially when I became mum to Molly. I wanted a good income and time with my family but the two combined seemed to be impossible to find. Most traditional business ideas required a large investment and after buying my own restaurant at twenty-three years old, I learned at a young age that you’re not buying yourself a fancy business, you’re effectively buying yourself a twenty-four-hour job!

My best friend joined Forever and I watched her build a fantastic business part time around her current commitments, but because I didn’t understand it, I didn’t get involved straight away – I thought it was all about sales! Luckily for me she had qualified for an incentive with Forever – a trip to Sardinia – and she invited me to go with her as her plus one. When we got to Sardinia, the weather was beautiful, the five-star hotel incredible, and I was just so impressed that a company would take over a whole hotel. Working for yourself you don’t even get a pat on the back, let alone a holiday! I got to meet so many Forever Business Owners from all over the world and it was so inspiring. I barely slept for the five days as I was so excited to get home and start my own business. 

I juggled my commitments and got to work. I was working full-time hours on my promotions business, part-time hours on my Forever business and juggling being a mum. Within eighteen months I had reached my ‘day job’ salary and I could quit to focus entirely on Forever. I’m still astounded by the generosity of Forever. Within ten months of being in the business I’d qualified for the car incentive, but I just used the money to pay off old credit cards. I did however treat myself to a new car this year, paid for by Forever!

Molly had four years in full-time nursery prior to me having this flexibility. Four years of her growing up that I can’t get back, but now, thanks to Forever, I get to be the mum at the school gates, we get to go to the park after school or pop over to nanny and grandad’s. If she’s sick at school, I can drop everything to collect her and we can have a day on the sofa. 

I’ve achieved everything Forever has to offer and I have travelled the world, paid for by the company. We have been to Singapore, Dallas, South Africa and Mexico, to name a few! Aside from the fantastic income and travel, Forever has given me the one thing that I never had, the most precious thing of all – time!