Focus on training

Natalie and David

Before joining Forever in June 2013 Natalie was living her dream as a self-employed yoga teacher. Although she and her husband, David, a freelance musician, had always managed to makes ends meet, Natalie was open to exploring an opportunity that would further support their home and three children...

Why Forever?

I’ve always loved natural products so when I got my hands on a bottle of Forever Aloe Vera Gel I instantly started to rave about it. I wasn't actively looking for a business opportunity, and I certainly never had the intention of leaving my yoga job – I was getting so much fulfilment and enjoyed helping people – but my business took off in July 2014 so I decided to focus on Forever full-time.

I still help people with their health but I am also passionate about sharing the business opportunity; it has done so much for my family so I’d feel terrible not sharing it! And now I get to practise yoga for myself every morning – a total privilege.

What enabled you to progress?

I have no formal sales or marketing experience so I was worried that no-one would buy from me, but if you recommend from the heart (and offer the sixty-day money-back guarantee) you can't lose. I retailed my way to Supervisor in five weeks and stayed there for six months; to be honest I didn't understand network marketing or that building a team would give me more time! 

Things changed when I attended my first Scottish Success Express. I attended by myself – my sponsor lives in England – and I was amazed at how excited everyone was. I sat in awe, listened to trainings and watched people receive promotions; this built my self-confidence and belief in the company. I thought to myself, ‘If they can do it, I can do it.’

I am lucky enough to have an incredible upline; they support me along with the Managers in my crossline, and I started to follow their advice by building a team of my own. When sharing the business opportunity you have to be honest and passionate. People can smell desperation, so I knew I had to attend trainings, Business Presentations and read network marketing books; it was this immersion that impacted my business.

How do you inspire your team?

Getting out of my comfort zone developed me a lot and I now have my own take on training. I don't do it online. Instead, I hold monthly trainings for my entire team (I film it for people who can't attend), and I have smaller weekly meetings with the people who really want to catch their dreams. Sometimes I even hold drop-in coffee mornings – it’s all great fun! I don't believe that just Managers should do training, everyone has something to offer; I draw from people’s past or current jobs to help train and develop the wider team. In turn this develops individuals as speakers and their confidence grows. I run quarterly yoga, meditation and relaxation events and we also work with an independent life and NLP coach – for me mindset is everything. I’ve studied mindset and I really believe that if you get that right, the business is easy!

Why should others aim for Sapphire?

The road to Manager was manic with very little structure, but now I can structure my days, weeks and months; this takes the guesswork out of things and has led to a really stable business. Sapphire was such a huge milestone, but, as Jayne says, ‘You don't get to Sapphire by accident.’ It takes real endurance, late nights and early mornings. There will be disappointment and lessons learnt, but it’s so worth it. My income is now beyond even my imagination and my goal is to build a legacy; I want my daughters to know that they can do anything in the world if they set their minds to it.

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