Financial Security


Fiona became a Forever Business Owner in 2014 but before she worked the business she was a swimming co-ordinator and then a trained nurse. Although she wasn’t particularly looking for a new opportunity, her love of the products led her to start something new…

I got married and pregnant pretty fast and had always planned to return to work after maternity leave, but my husband convinced me to take an additional year off as our parents would be retired by this time and able to help with childcare. Dale also had a great job so we were able to live fairly comfortably. Although I never intended on being a stay-at-home mum, once I had my son I realised how precious my time was with him, but I still craved financial independence and wanted to be able to cover nursery fees on my own. 

I first heard of Forever when I was introduced to some of the skincare products. I was very impressed and decided to take a look at the opportunity – I loved the idea of having my own project and independence as by this time my husband was the sole provider. When I started, my aim was to make an extra £200 a month, but I quickly caught the Forever vision. I found the business-building process came to me fairly naturally and I was having so much fun whilst doing it. I was constantly recommending the products we used anyway so the concept of building a customer base seemed fairly simple to me. For the next couple of years I consistently developed a business and built up a team.

Then, in September 2016, Dale was made redundant. He worked for the oil industry on offshore platforms and many people from Scotland were affected by redundancies at the time. Thankfully Forever was able to give our family peace of mind. Dale was able to go back and study his Masters instead of panicking about the mortgage and bills, and actually our lifestyle didn't change at all.

Forever has given me time with my husband and my son as I also no longer have to work ridiculously long shifts, and it's given us financial security. Personally it’s given me confidence when it comes to speaking to people and public speaking, and it’s also enabled us to access some of the nicer things in life along the way. One of the biggest things I've noticed is the impact it's had on my son’s confidence and I love his outlook on the business – he thinks my job is to ‘make friends’ but because of this he is also now able to make friends easily! For that I am most thankful.