A strong work ethic

Claire and Keith

In the years since Claire started her Forever business, the hard work and dedication has paid off, and she has now achieved the successful position of Soaring Manager. Throughout Claire’s Forever journey, she has seen her dreams materialise, recently purchasing her ultimate dream home.
In an interview with Forever, Claire reveals how she has reached this position and what have been the driving factors helping her to succeed.

I come from a non-business background and therefore my goals were initially very low. I wanted to double my income, so an extra £300 was all I thought I could achieve. We also wanted to put lino down in the bathroom as it was carpeted, that is how little belief I initially had in myself. Over the last seven years, our lives have changed dramatically. I was able to quit childminding just ten weeks into Forever. My husband sacked his corporate boss and is now enjoying learning about Forever and how to develop his own business with me. We are both driving beautiful cars, all paid for by Earned Incentive Level 3, but the icing on the cake is that we are now moving into our dream home this month, from a small three bedroom town house to a beautiful six bedroom country property with endless amounts of garden, backing onto fields in a small village. This has been a lifelong dream for me. We are now looking at a holiday home somewhere hot and lovely. I can’t believe we will be owning several properties.

My business goal is ultimately to create a team of millionaires; I have created the Diamond group which already has three six figure income earners within it, and many more on the verge of achieving six figures. It excites me to think we can massively change lives. My personal goal is Diamond Manager and beyond, surrounding myself with fellow Diamonds. The UK is ready for massive growth now. You have the power to achieve everything you want. You just have to believe, have the discipline, focus and maintain a strong work ethic.

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