A passion for business


In a business saturated by headstrong women, Daniel, an undefeated professional boxer and tattoo artist from Bolton, certainly stands out from the crowd. Our Editor, Kate, caught up with him at his studio – which is no ordinary tattoo studio – to find out more about why Daniel, a reformed fighter, decided to join Forever.

Why did you decide to look at Forever?

I have been tattooing now for ten years and I love what I do, but my main passion has always been business. I had always been interested in network marketing and I researched several companies, but few offered me something I could believe in. That’s when my physio (now mentor), Alison, introduced me to Forever.

It was July 6th 2015, just two days after I had spoken to Alison, when I decided to sign up. With her help I had my first product launch party; I invited my mum and her friends, my sister and her friends and also some people that I thought may be interested in joining my business. It was a success, and from this I managed to get a few regular customers and my first few team members. Within twenty days I had been promoted to Supervisor, and I decided that I was going to by-pass Assistant Manager and go straight for Manager instead.

How did you see the business fitting in with your lifestyle?

I decided to capitalise on the fact I am a male in a predominantly female business; I certainly wasn’t going to let it worry me. I knew I had many male friends that would do well, and I knew once they saw me achieving they would join too, and many have. Integrating the products into my daily life became a natural thing; Argi+ and the shakes fit with my sporting side and the Aloe Vera Gelly can even be used on tattoos once they have past the initial healing point. I also often do the C9 and post my progress on Facebook, and since my network knows I’m a professional boxer, the good results I achieve help build belief in the products.

Why do you think you have been so successful?

I was determined to achieve Manager in August, and by the 16th of the month I had successfully secured the position. Part of this fast progression was down to the support I was giving to my customers. I asked them to recommend the products to anyone they thought would benefit from them, and within no time I had around twenty customers and ten people on my team. People keep asking me what my secret is, but it just takes hard work and dedication; anyone can do it as everything you need is already there for you. The products appeal to a wide range of people so it’s easy to connect with a market, but I’m not afraid to get stuck in – I’ll happily run a makeup party if necessarily!

I also focus a lot of my time on studying the business. I knew that developing my knowledge would form a massive part of effective prospecting, and I wanted to be able to quickly answer any question or doubt. I live and breathe business, and those that know me know I wouldn’t risk investing my time in something that doesn’t work.

Daniel’s story illustrates that Forever really can fit around anyone; it doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is, as long as you have the drive and belief, you can make the business work!

It’s amazing how much I’ve learnt in such a short space of time, but I’ve absolutely loved every moment. I'd like to say a massive thank you to Alison for showing me this opportunity, and to Forever and everyone else involved. My life has changed massively, for the better, in such a short space of time.