A future in Forever


Nicola was fed up of juggling motherhood with an uninspiring office job, so when she discovered a new opportunity whilst on Facebook she decided to take the plungeā€¦

I started my working life as a groom for a well-known show jumper. This for me felt like a childhood dream had come true but the reality hit me quite quickly when I realised I had no time for my own horse and it was no longer a hobby. I decided to take a completely different path and trained to be a hairdresser; again I really enjoyed this and the years went by, but when my husband and I had our beautiful boys I went on maternity leave. Unfortunately, when I tried to return to work, I struggled to regain my clientele and ended up working part-time in an office just to put food on the table. I felt trapped but I couldn't figure a way out. 

One day I was looking through Facebook and I came across an ad for the Forever opportunity. I jumped straight in even though I was unsure as to what I was doing and where it would go, I just followed what I was advised by my upline Manager Hayley. Hayley has become one of my best friends and she taught me, step-by-step, everything I needed to do to get my business off the ground. I soon realised the potential of the business and I was hungry for what it could mean for my family. And, within only a few months, I was able to quit that part-time office job!

One year on and I have two promotions under my belt, I have a plan, and I can choose my own future. I’m not saying the road has been easy – there have been many ups and downs along the way – but now I feel as if I am heading in the right direction. I’m now aiming for Manager as achieving this position will give my family more than just added security; it will allow my husband, Billy, to pursue some of his own personal dreams and goals too. I'm excited to see how far I can take my dreams and I love that I can help others who come into the business. I have a lot to thank Forever for, it has opened me up to things I never thought I would be open to, and the people I have met are the best people I have ever known. But most of all I am so blessed to have time; time to spend with my two young boys (Thomas, five, and Matthew, two), and I count my blessings every day.