Why Now?

You could argue that Forever and the network marketing industry was ahead of its time. It's been a vehicle for people looking for ‘another way’ since 1978.

Rex Maughan the founder of Forever Living created a model which allowed ordinary people from any background, age or ethnicity to start their own business under the umbrella of Forever, with training, support and a sense of community; becoming part of the Forever family.

For some this may mean developing an additional income of a few hundred pounds a month through learning to retail the products with a generous profit margin. For others who capture the vision and potential of this industry they go on to build teams, developing significant incomes and a sense of purpose enabling them to leave unfulfilling jobs, the flexibility to work from anywhere, enjoying autonomy and gaining control of their lives.

With increasing numbers of people in the UK and globally reported to be looking to leave their current jobs without a job lined up it’s apparent that working life is not working.

This desire for change was almost certainly accelerated by the pandemic but the wheels were firmly in motion before then. Millenials* and Gen Z** have a different set of value propositions, seeking personal development over job satisfaction, recognition and appreciation over company ‘perks’.  And yet regardless of age, for many, having experienced the benefits of the working from home lifestyle, the increasing pressures and calls to ‘get back to the office’ are being met with reluctance, while others are feeling at best tired and worst ‘burned out’.

This change of sentiment is palpable and it explains why more and more people are open to alternative ways of working, developing side hustles and portfolio careers. As you read through our inspiring Faces of Forever articles, you will meet a diverse range of Forever Business Owners, why they turned to Forever, and how they have benefitted.   

Forever is a member of The Direct Selling Association (DSA) the recognised trade body for the direct selling industry in the UK. The retail sales from its membership tops almost £1bn annually. It is currently experiencing one of the strongest growth periods on record since the 1970s. 

The flexibility of starting your own Forever business cannot be over stated. You move at exactly the pace you desire, you are in charge of how fast or slow. You are in control of every area, setting your own goals in terms of the income you would like generate and the time you want to dedicate to developing your business.  

If you’re looking for change, looking for another way, you’re in the right place at exactly the right time. 

*Born between 1980 & 1995

** Born between 1996 & mid 2000s

Individual results may vary. Forever makes no guarantees on income or success. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill, and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities. Please see Forever’s Annual Income Disclosure Statement for more information.