Pride walks a fine line. Being prideful can cause someone to develop an ego or feel that they are more important or better than someone else. But pride, true, honest and unselfish pride, is defined as a feeling of happiness when you or someone you know does something good, completes a difficult task or makes an admirable decision. We have all experienced this sort of pride at one time or another.  Leo Rosten once wrote, “The purpose of life is not to be happy at all. It is to be useful, to be honourable. It is to be compassionate. It is to matter, to have it make some difference that you lived.” The funny thing is, I’ve learned that through those moments of being useful, honourable and compassionate, I am indeed the most happy. That’s why making an effort to constantly contribute something positive to the world, to do something that makes you proud every day, is absolutely necessary to living meaningful lives.  We have a lot to be #ForeverProud of, like the people who make it all happen. From the amazing staff at our Aloe fields in the Dominican Republic who make on average 40 percent more than the minimum wage to the special needs employees who help us out every day at Forever Direct. We are proud to provide you an opportunity to build a business, achieve financial independence and help others do the same.  We are #ForeverProud of the difference we work to make in the environment. Aloe Vera of America, Forever Direct and Forever Nutraceutical continue to make environmentally safe programs and recycling a top priority. Our Aloe fields cleanse the earth of hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 each year. In 2015 alone, 384 tons of paper and plastic were recycled at FD.  We are especially #ForeverProud of the products that we produce and the difference they make in people’s lives around the world. That's why we own the entire process from growing our own Aloe, manufacturing our products and distributing them from plant to product to you. Being #ForeverProud is about the joy you get when you know you are contributing to something great. Like us, we know you have so much to be proud of. Take a moment to share it with us on social media using the hashtag #ForeverProud and follow us to find more of our #ForeverProud moments. 

Keep Smiling,

Gregg Maughan President