I feel privileged


New Sapphire Manager, Alison, has built a hugely successful business with Forever whilst juggling her role as Area Development Director for London and raising two children. We find out how she did it and what’s next on her list of goals.

What was your working background prior to joining Forever?

I was a mum at home looking after two toddlers – my children are 11 months apart! I had a career before this in sales, working for a company that manufactured signs, signage systems etc. I got to go to some really cool places in London such as royal palaces, MOD buildings and prisons.

You’ve achieved a great many things in your time with Forever, including a Chairman’s Bonus cheque for over $23,000 last year. What has been your proudest moment so far and why?

My proudest moment so far was earlier this year; my son Zac passed his driving test and I bought him his first car with my debit card. That felt really amazing, it made me feel very proud and reminded me why I set out to become financially independent – to be able to offer my children a good lifestyle without the stress of money constraints. My daughter, Jaye, has now just started her driving lessons too!

What has been most challenging for you and how have you overcome this?

I love the business and for the most part it is a simple business. The most challenging part is developing the right mind-set for continuous success. I have read books, attended seminars and in more recent years worked with a top level executive coach, Molly Harvey.

How important have incentives been to the growth of your business?

It was explained to me very early on how important the company incentives were to build the business correctly. In my first 18 months to two years in Forever I’d achieved Senior Manager, 100 Club, Earned Incentive and was just about to qualify for my first ‘Profit Share’ cheque. Since then every year the Chairman’s Bonus has been a goal – it’s life-changing. I have just qualified for my 12th cheque!

You are also an Area Development Director. What does this role involve?

I feel privileged to be the London ADD. This role has brought me into close contact with so many people, from all walks of life, all kinds of backgrounds, cultures and countries. I love it and have learned so much. I make sure the area has plenty of high quality Business Presentations and that all Distributors have access to the right kind of training, both on the team-building and product side of the business. I am a point of contact for Distributors who may not have a sponsor nearby – generally creating an environment where everyone can grow their Forever business.

Sapphire Manager is an amazing milestone to hit – congratulations! What’s next for you?

Sapphire has been a goal for a while; I guess I gave it a bit more focus this year! Achieving this position has made me realise what a fantastic business structure I have. My goal now is to support and help more of my Manager lines to go for their own Chairman’s Bonus. I now believe I can access the Level 2 pot which will make life really exciting.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who has their sights set on reaching Sapphire, what would it be?

I would say take your own journey, build a strong business by nurturing relationships with your team and you will have a life-long business, just as Rex intended – full of fun and adventure.