Build your own career


Anna started her business with Forever in March 2014 when she was roughly half way through studying for her PhD. She had previously graduated with a degree in psychology, but afterwards she struggled to find a job and ended up working in a petrol station...

I stayed there for six months before moving to Italy, but when I returned it was still a struggle to find work (despite having a first class degree under my belt). I ended up falling into the PhD in 2012, simply because I needed the money, but my income was still very low and I had to move back home with my parents – this was really demoralising. By the time I came across Forever I was feeling very lost; I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in life and I wasn't looking forward to having to fight for jobs after graduating.

The postgraduate lifestyle is quite relaxed but it does require you to be self-motivated. You are essentially your own boss, working whenever and wherever you want. I came across something called ‘the laptop lifestyle’ and I loved this idea. I read a few books that promised that you could build a successful business from your laptop, a business that would give you complete freedom and a great income, but I didn't really know where to start. That’s when Forever came into my life. 

I was initially very sceptical of the opportunity, but I could see that it was going to give me everything I wanted: time, freedom, a great income and a chance to make an impact in others’ lives. After attending a product launch, I decided to purchase the Business Owner Box. I reached Supervisor three months into my business, but I did struggle for the first six months. I couldn't shake the feeling of scepticism and I experienced a lot of negativity around me. Eventually it was a book called ‘Dare to Dream and Work to Win’ that changed my mindset. In September 2014 I hit Manager and it was around this point that I started to take things seriously. However, the demands of my PhD also grew enormously and the final six months of my studies almost broke me. I never made excuses, but I know it was my business and the compassion and support from my team and upline that kept me going.

I am now a Senior Manager, 2,500CC Global Rally qualifier and I’ve qualified for Chairman's Bonus. I even managed to pull off Eagle Manager and fly to Cancun ten hours after submitting my thesis. I have since finished my PhD but now I no longer need to find a job; thanks to Forever, I already earn a six figure income!