Something incredible


Based in south-west London, Matt enjoyed a successful career working for a major brand. He was focused, passionate and hardworking, but the long hours and lack of time began to tarnish the corporate dream…

I started my Forever journey back in February 2015 whilst working for a large well-known soft drinks brand. I headed up their national sales team which consisted of over 130 managers, and while some may say I had the perfect career, I always believed there was more to life than working a sixty-hour week and having no time to yourself.

Fortunately, I saw the Forever opportunity as my way out of the corporate rat race. I set a goal to get to a place where I’d be able to quit my job within five months, and exactly five months later I resigned. I knew that working alongside such an incredible company with amazing products would work, so I began building a business by following everything that my upline told me to do. Kyle Burrows and Emma Cooper were outstanding mentors!

I achieved Manager in three months by working my business around my job, and alongside managing my own personal £multi-million international property portfolio. I was also having my house extended and I was in the middle of buying a new three-bed London apartment to rent out. I may have been busy, but I made time for my Forever business; it was going to set me up for the future and once there I would never have to look back! 

I now have four amazing Managers based in Scotland, and a team of over 300 people – we are like one big happy family! The friendships you make in Forever are incredible; these people are going to be in my life for the rest of my days, and the journey we are going to walk together makes me ‘smile’. When I was at Global Rally in South Africa, I looked around and, whilst holding back emotion, I knew I was working for something special when I saw such inspirational and highly motivational people.

I am more committed than ever to carry on building my business with Forever, and Senior Manager is firmly set on the horizon, but I have also had the time to retrain in something I’ve always been passionate about – property. I have now qualified as a self-employed mortgage and insurance advisor and I intend to work this role alongside my Forever business. Forever has given me options; options to have more time, freedom, and the ability to do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want. That is priceless! I would like to thank everyone who is playing a key part in my journey and I am super-excited for the years ahead.