Sarah Matyjasik

Sarah Matyjasik – Trained Bikini Athlete

Born in the UK, Sarah started weight-training in her teens and she continued to train right up until she had her two children, Izzy and Max. The F.I.T. programme rekindled Sarah’s love of training and nine months later she found herself competing at the WBF Showdown and receiving an invitation to take part in the British finals. 

Sarah has been a Global F.I.T. Ambassador for Forever since 2015. she proudly uses:

Introducing Sarah Matyjasik…

Sarah joins a team of other international sport and fitness enthusiasts, who, together, inspire, advise and motivate their followers.

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My specialism is Body-building, I am a busy mum to two children but actually started weight-training when I was in my late teens. I have since competed in the WBF Showdown and continue to eat a strict diet and train and around my busy family life.

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I do weight-based training and high intensity training that focuses on a different part of the body each day. I train five to six days a week.

I eat four or five small meals a day which are high in protein and good fats, but low in carbs. I also take a lot of the Forever supplements. I try to vary the protein, so I may have white fish, turkey, chicken, salmon or red meat. I eat red meat at night to repair the body and I tend to have two days of white fish then two days of high fat proteins (such as red meat).