Navid Mansouri

Navid Mansouri is professional boxer fighting in the super welterweight category. Navid is rated as the 15th top welterweight boxer within the UK and 173rd in the world. He holds a record of 15–1.

Born in Rotherham, UK, Navid started boxing from an early age before turning professional in his late teens. Since his first fight in 2009, Navid has fought eighteen times professionally.

Navid has been a Global F.I.T. Ambassador for Forever since 2015. he proudly uses:


I am a Professional boxer, Born in Rotherham, UK. I started boxing from an early age before turning professional in my late teens. I fight in the light-middleweight category and my first fight was in 2009.

I take Argi+ during my training and sparring, Forever Lite Ultra, to put the protein in my body after training, and I have Forever Freedom in the morning as it provides me with the nutrients I need. Aloe Heat Lotion is also great for after training, especially if I have sore muscles.

My training before a fight generally consists of six days training and one day rest. My daily training consists of three training sessions: I go for a run first thing in the morning, have a few hours recovery, and then I will go to my gym to either spar or work with my coach. Lastly I will focus on body conditioning; this works my body and builds my strength up. 

My food always involves ‘super foods’. This includes chia seeds, nuts, porridge, grilled chicken and vegetables. I also ensure that my daily diet consists of Forever products.