Mike Butterworth

Mike Butterworth – Fitness and Wellbeing Enthusiast

Born in the UK, Mike has always had a passion for running and he has completed a number half-marathons, marathons and ultra-marathons over the years. Mike kick started his passion for exercise after following the Forever F.I.T. programme, and this helped him to achieve his two goals: a desired body weight and body fat percentage. The F.I.T. programme has allowed Mike to evaluate and change his lifestyle for the better.

Mike has been a Global F.I.T. Ambassador for Forever since 2015. he proudly uses:

Marathon mayhem: are you ready?

Marathon mayhem: are you ready?

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My specialism is Running, I am a passionate runner and completed various marathons over the year. I find that having the routine of the F.I.T. programme enables me to achieve my goals, and an added element of accountability helps me to remain focused.

Forever Freedom and Forever Garcinia Plus.

A typical week would see three gym sessions, two sprint sessions and one longer gentle run or bike ride.

I have three meals a day (I follow the F.I.T.2 suggestions broadly) but I take more carbs in the morning as that’s when I work out; I will then taper the carbs towards the end of day. I will also have two shakes – one post-workout and another before bed. I think it’s very important to cook meals in coconut oil and I stick to sweet potatoes, oats and steamed veg for my carb intake. I avoid cakes and biscuits, regular potatoes and pasta. It’s also important to drink lots of water. Supplement-wise I take Forever Garcinia Plus, Forever Bee Pollen, A-Beta-Care, Forever Daily and Nature-Min.