Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen - former England rugby star

A former England rugby union player, Ben began his professional career with Northampton Saints. He was a member of the England national team that won the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Ben played rugby for over twenty years before retiring in 2011. He is passionate about putting a stop to bullying, particularly homophobia and founded The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation.

Ben has been a Global F.I.T. Ambassador for Forever since 2017. he proudly uses:


My specialism is rugby however I actually got into it by complete accident when I was twelve years old. My biggest turning point was in 1999 when my career stalled. Several guys from my team (Northampton Saints) were away playing in the World Cup and I was annoyed because I couldn’t go. I’d broken my leg only six months before but I was just an average player anyway. I was twenty-one at the time and my dad sat me down and said to me, ‘if you’re going to give rugby a go, you’ve really got to give it a go’.

I use Forever Therm and Forever Garcinia Plus but I also like the Aloe Nourishing Serum that Kristina uses! I used the Aloe Sunscreen whilst I was on holiday and I thought that was great but regularly I have Argi+, Forever Lite Ultra, Forever Pro X2 and the Forever Fast Break bars. Honestly I like them all – I use the Relaxation Bath Salts, the Aloe Bath Gelée, the Relaxation Shower Gel, even the Forever Bright Toothgel!

I have a home-gym; I use it everyday and work out for just under an hour.  I focus on circuits as I feel that gives me the all-over workout that I need, it is a mixture of short bursts of cardio and also weight training.